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Families need your help...
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Image descriptionAs the crisis in Syria enters its fifth year, millions of people are in need of help...

The civil war has devastated Syria killing 220,000 people, forcing 11 million people out of their homes and leaving 16 million people without access to medical care.

The UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) estimates that there are now more than 4 million Syrian refugees - vulnerable and unsafe in their temporary locations.

In early 2015, the Canadian Government announced they we would commit to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees within 3 years.  Of those 10,000 refugees, approximately 60 per cent will be sponsored by private groups like Save a Family From Syria and 40 per cent would be sponsored by the Canadian Government.

Religious institutions and community groups across the country are working hard to collect funds, find lodging and complete the endless paperwork to secure the approvals to resettle Syrian refugees to Canada. 

In 2014, Four Rivers Presbytery (of the United Church) in Kingston partnered with the Islamic Society of Kingston to resettle Syrian refugee families in  Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  Recently (July 2015) one family (from the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan) has arrived safely in Kingston and another family (mother, father and 4 small children) has been approved but is still in Lebanon and  eagerly awaiting their departure for Canada.  As of July, 2015 Kingston still needs $10,000 in donations.

In February of this year (2015), the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto and the Muslim Association of Canada decided to work together to sponsor Syrian refugee  families to settle in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  One sponsorship application (for a family of 4 in Lebanon) has been submitted and approved and another sponsorship application is in process. applications and raised all the funds required to settle and support a family of 4 for their first 12 months in Toronto.  Now Toronto is in the midst of raising additional funds in order to support this second sponsorship. These are very vulnerable people who desperately need our help. Once we have enough money, we will start on a third sponsorship.

There are thousands of other families in need of sponsors. We are the lucky few who do not have to wake up each morning in fear. 


Families need your help...

To donate to either (or both) of the projects, click on the city and donate from that page.