Save a Family from Syria


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First Unitarian Congregation
of Toronto

175 St. Clair Ave West
ON  M4V 1P7

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Who Are We?

We are the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto and the Muslim Association of Canada, helping Syrian refugee families settle in Toronto, one family at a time...

First Unitarian Congregation
of Toronto

175 St. Clair Ave West
Toronto, ON  M4V 1P7

Muslim Association of Canada (Masjid/Toronto)

168 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON  M5G 1C6 


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Charitable Registration no.: 851846816RR0001




Status at a Glance

Due to the generosity of many people across the country, we have raised enough funds to sponsor 5 families!

# Family Origin Application Status
1 2 adults & 2 children Lebanon Arrived in Canada: Dec 26, 2015
2 2 adults & 2 children Turkey Arrived in Canada: Feb 8, 2016
3 2 adults & 2 children Turkey Arrived in Canada: Feb 4, 2016
4 2 adults & 2 children Lebanon Interview Complete - Awaiting Travel Date
5 2 adults & 3 children Turkey Arrived in Canada: Feb 24, 2016



Family #1: Sedana and her family
The First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto has partnered with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and specifically their Masjid Toronto to work together to bring familes to Toronto and settle them into a new life here in Canada.

In Toronto we are sponsoring as many families as we can.  Here is the story of Sedana...

Sedana (aged 3) and her sister Mawal (aged 1) are Syrian refugees together with their parents in Lebanon.

We have applied through the Canadian Private Sponsorship program to bring them here to safety. They are refugees, identified and designated by the United Nations in Lebanon.

As sponsors, we are financially responsible for them for their first 12 months in Canada and dedicated to successfully integrating them with life in Canada.

We have committed to raise $40,000 to help with rent, furniture, food, clothing, medical aid general living expenses for each family we sponsor.  We will be responsible for all their needs for one full year.

Without your help, these families like young Sedana and her family might not ever feel safe, go to school or even have a bed to call her own. If we don't, what will become of these little girls?


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About the family

Talek, Walaa and their 2 little daughters Sedana (aged 3) and Nawal (aged 1) escaped from Syria about 2 years ago.  Talek had done his time in the Syrian army however when he was called up a second time to support the Syrian regime, he knew he couldn’t do what he would be expected to do and the family decided to flee the country.  Together, with his father and three other families, they hired a van and fled to to Lebanon, they are now about an hour outside of Beirut.  

In Syria, Talek worked as a carpenter with his dad.  In Lebanon, he struggles to find ways to support his family and relies on relatives from Canada to send money as the UN no longer provides an allowance to those with less than two children.  Walaa, a hairdresser by profession worries about her children and how they will get an education once they are of age to go to school.  Lebanon has taken on the largest amount of refugees (over one million) however, they have yet to open any formal refugee camps.  As a result, anger towards the influx of Syrian refugees makes it unsafe for Walaa and her children to be on the street alone.  


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The Family arrives in Toronto!